Paul Marsh

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10 March 2019

Adobe PDF

Customised Navigation (Bookmarking) &

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

If you have an Adobe PDF document you would like help with, please feel free to drop me a line.

Provided it is not a ‘secured’ document I can customise various properties to benefit the reader, such as adding bookmarks (index panel), changing the initial view of the document when it first opens in the freely available ‘Reader’ program.

Splitting large documents into manageable-chunks for distribution by Internet or email, adding or deleting specific pages, adding Optical Character Recognition (OCR) if it is not already present on your document (if perhaps it’s from a ‘scan’), adding annotations such as high-lighter-pen, electronic “stamps”, adding or deleting custom hyper-links (either to web pages or other pages, text, or pictures within the same document), simply state your requirements.

Cost: There is a non-volume related fee of £25.00. You then add 5p (five pence) per bookmark or link for your document. If your document has a ‘bookmark or link count’ of say 50 (fifty), it would be 250 pence plus £25, so £27.50 in total. Thus you will be charged by the number edits and not by the time it takes, this means the price is fixed from the outset.

If there’s anything else PDF related I’ve not mentioned here that interests you, please drop me a line!

To download an original published “sample” article, plus an edited version of the same article with an index (bookmarks) added ~ to be able to appreciate the difference, please click HERE