Paul Marsh

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10 March 2019


I'm happy to proof read relatively small documents such as a curriculum vitae, short stories, website content, business documents and reports, dissertations, essays, product manuals, brochures, etc., up to approximately 10,000 words. As well as the basic (UK [British English] dictionary) spelling, punctuation, appropriate capitalisation and grammar, I would comment, if I felt it would be useful, on general page layout, and suggest in an unbiased way, how I believe the work would come across to a reader. I cannot tell you whether or not someone's name is spelt correctly, so be aware of natural third-party limitations.

Format(s): My preferences for submission are, either ~

OpenOffice “Writer” (where you will have the latest version as its open-source with free on-line updates, and as such should be unproblematic. It also lends itself nicely to annotation). Microsoft Word (I'm currently using '2010'), or Adobe PDF. All of the aforementioned should be unprotected (with regard to editing).

Cost: There is a non-volume related fee of £15.00. You then add 2p (two pence) per word for your document. If your work has a word count of say 500 words it would be 1,000 pence (£10.00) plus £15, so £25 in total. Thus you will be charged by the number of words or pages your work consists of and not by the time it takes, this means the price is fixed from the outset.

If you have a ‘turn-it-in’ date or deadline of some sort, please don't leave it until the last couple of days! Turnaround will depend on my current workload and it will be first in first out.

# Confidentiality Assured #