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10 March 2019

Guide to Prices

Cost will depend on what you would like to do. You will be able to get a pretty good idea from the information below, please read it carefully. There can be “some flexibility” and we may be able to make suggestions on how to bring both the time and cost involved, down, so please feel free to give us a call and discuss your requirements.

Hair: This is a list of ‘starting-from’ prices for black. Caucasian are welcome but please be aware fees will differ (purely due to the difference in texture and the extra work involved as a result).

Hair Removal £20

Weave £50

Pick ‘n’ Drop £60

Ghana Braids £60

Crochet Braids £60

Children’s Cornrow £40

Senegalese Twist £70

Box, Micro & Tree Braids £70

Please note: I do NOT do house calls.