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10 March 2019

Location Assignment Photography

In practice, most of my photography is non-commercial; i.e., purely from a hobby standpoint (with photos ‘not’ being taken for financial gain).

However, should you require photographs of any sort at a location that you are unable to get to yourself; be it a person, vehicle, land, property, etc.; as long as the subject / current keeper / owner, tenant is aware and ‘accommodating’ I would be happy to facilitate this.

(Written consent, be it a model-release form and / or permission from the appropriate owner to take photographs if it means knowingly entering private-property will be required).

I will not charge per-photograph. Instead I will take an appropriate number of shots “as is reasonably possible or required” to achieve what you are looking for. I will quote for a pre-assignment deposit and post-assignment sum (including transport costs if applicable) payable via PayPal or credit card.

Un-retouched photos will be made available in universally-viewable jpeg format. Your pictures will be placed in ‘zipped’ folders using a Windows based PC and temporarily uploaded to a secure Internet folder location. ‘Only you’ will be made aware of the folders unique Internet address.

If this fits in with any requirement you have please feel free to email.

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