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10 March 2019

Brochure Website Design

I offer people a basic web-presence such as ‘this’ site, starting from £200.00

If you have a small business and want a website people can turn to, to learn about what you do; products, services (and perhaps some pictures showing examples), prices, contact details, etc., and would like a few clearly laid out pages, I would be more than happy to work with you and get you up and running. I will require a non-refundable down-payment of £50 to begin work. I would then consult with you in person if you are local, or via telephone, e-mail and / or Skype, on developing the design “to your liking”. Only then, when you are happy with the finished product would I request the balance and upload the files to the Internet to go “live”.

A domain name, of your choosing, can have one of the following suffix’s.,

.com .org .net or .info

To keep your costs down I work on a “pay as you go” basis. The above fees will get you going with a website which will include twelve months hosting fees. Should you wish to keep your website up and running into a second year and are happy to work with me, the minimum annual cost will be approximately £75.00. ~ Any time you wish to ‘update or edit’ your site: change details or pictures on a page, add or hide pages, etc., (in keeping with the ‘original template’ design) I will do so for an additional “pay-per-edit” fee, typically £15 ~ £25. I may discount for ‘regular’ edits but this will be at my discretion dependant on work load. So, if you prefer that approach instead of on-going monthly fees of one sort or another, please feel free to get in touch (without any obligation) to discuss your ideas.