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10 March 2019

Microsoft Excel

If you have worked in an office you are likely to have comes across Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Whether maths is one of your strong points or not if you are in any way involved in business you ignore getting to know what Excel can do for you at your peril.

I'm not a maths genius but I do have an interest in numbers and the very real part they play, not just in today's business world but in the scientific laws that govern the physical world around us; angles, geometry, trigonometry, the Golden Ratio, the Fibonacci numbers, etc., etc.

Perhaps you're more interested in day-books, and profit and loss. Perhaps like many, you use Excel as a database; for customers, sales, products, stock, etc. The vast majority of users probably only use a fraction of what Excel has to offer, even then begrudgingly, because they realise that ‘not’ doing so would be detrimental to their business.

Perhaps you would like your spreadsheets smartened-up, a chart or two added or some ‘conditional formatting’ to present data in a clearer manner? Finding a more appropriate lookup formula, filters or pivot tables, or arranging page-layout so they physically-print better for you. If I can help I will.

Finally, if you've taken the time to read everything thus far I will reward you with a link (hidden in the green bar across the bottom of this page), which will take you to some fun Excel tutorials by a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher, Mike Girvin., .. Enjoy!

Microsoft Excel