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10 March 2019

QR Codes & NFC Tags

Customised ‘Quick Response’ (QR) Codes

Supplied to individual requirements in JPEG and PDF

If you are new to QR codes and you’d like a better idea of what they are, click HERE for a Wikipedia Encyclopedia explanation.

Near Field Communication (NFC) Tags

NFC in some ways is seen as the next step up from QR, however both have their unique use characteristics (e.g., QR is excellent at providing “reader interaction” possibilities through emailed or downloaded ‘printed’ material. NFC is perfect for “instant and accurate” close range, wireless transfer of data).

Today, many mobile devices; phones, tablets, etc., are NFC enabled. This brings with it opportunities to automate many of your daily mobile tasks, or sharing your business details (FREE; with no business card printing costs) via electronic vCards. Having your details on an NFC tag means a potential business client simply has to tap their phone against your tag and ‘save the contact!’ .. done! (Youtube video thanks to Clove).

Click HERE for a Wikipedia Encyclopedia explanation of NFC.